Saturday, October 28, 2006

Posto Numero Uno!

What a dork!

Hello everybody!

Well as you can see, I now have a blog and this is my first of what I hope to be many posts. So consider yourself to be part of history in the making by reading this! Actually, this will probably be yet another example of useless babble using up space on the Internet, but what the hell.

Okay, here's the deal: I AM NOT A COMPUTER EXPERT! This means that if I screw up with the formatting and it looks weird or the links don't work, too bad. I am, however, an English tutor, so feel free to call me out on my "speeling adn grammmer missteaks".

I plan on linking this blog to everyone in my email box. Now, let's say (hypothetically, of course) that I haven't been keeping in touch with many of those people, and that some of them have been consistently emailing me and I've been too lazy, oops I mean "busy" to email them back (remember this is all hypothetical) and they're all fuming and pounding their keyboards in anger because I keep ignoring them.

To those (hypothetical) people I say, fret no more! I have a blog!

You don't have to spend all day waiting for my email anymore. You can just visit my blog at your convenience and read about all the "intriguing and fascinating" things going on in my life. Hopefully my posts will prove to be engaging, witty, charismatic, delicious, and nutritious (maybe those last two adjectives weren't the best ones to choose).

And if this blog sucks, well, I'm not getting paid for this.

Now, some of you might be thinking, "Gee Rob, that's sounds great and all, but what if I don't want to sit here and read through all your crap? What if I have something I want to tell you, but it's not something very personal, and I don't mind if anyone else on this blog sees it?"

To you I say: What do you mean crap! I don't go to Mc Donald's where you work and tell you how to mop the floors, do I? GRRR!

And to answer you second question: Funny you should ask, because this blog has a feature where you, the viewer, can post your own comments! You can respond to anything I post or you can just say whatever you want! I'm not the dictator of this blog, merely the Chief Executive of this virtual democracy!

(Note: As the moderator, I do reserve the right to delete any postings that contain spam, harassment, are threatening to other posters, are stupid, or otherwise just make me look bad. I guess you could call it a virtual democracy with signing statements. Or you could call it fascism. I guess a dictatorship is much easier than a democracy. Did I just agree with George W. Bush?)

Nevertheless, I'm hoping that this blog allows me to stay in contact with friends and family, as well as giving me an opportunity to practice my writing skills. Besides, it's not like I have anything better to do with my time.

So you can see, the road we're going to be traveling together has a silver lining. Okay, I'm not good with metaphors.

I'm sure by now you noticed my ugly mug at the top of this blog. If you decided to keep reading despite my goofy-ass face staring back at you, then you're brave! If you've made it this far after all the yammering I've been doing, then you're extra-super-mega brave! Or you have no life.

But if you have the guts to look at that picture again, you can see a wall with a closet door in the background. This is the new house that Cathy and I moved into in September! Well, it's not new, but it's new for us. And I guess it's not technically a house because it's a duplex. Still, do you know the best part? No? Well, let me tell you: It's a two-bedroom! No, this doesn't mean that Cathy and I have taken to sleeping in separate bedrooms because our marriage is in trouble. Quit being so damn pessimistic! No, it means that we have an extra room for things like the computer, a bunch of bookshelves filled with books, our extra TV and stereo, some musical instruments, and our really ugly but comfortable chair, as well as having an extra closet to store more crap. In our last apartment, we had a lot of that stuff crammed into what essentially amounted to a glorified closet. But not anymore! We've taken to calling the extra bedroom "the study". But we don't just say "the study" in a normal way, we say it with a snooty accent and with our noses way up in the air. Well, maybe not so much Cathy, just me. Nevertheless, you can see the snobbish study in the background of the picture.

Our new place also has a garage with one of those automatic door openers! What a novelty! I feel like having the clicker clipped to the car visor is as much of a status symbol as cell phones used to be. In all honesty, the garage is currently filled with a bunch of junk, including a few boxes of stuff that we still have yet to unpack since the move. Right now there's no way to park a car in there, so having the clicker is pretty useless. Still, it's there clipped to my visor. What's that? You don't have a clicker? Ha-ha, you suck!

I'll post some pictures of the place after I figure out this whole blog picture posting deal. And after I take some pictures of the place. I'm sure the people who've been here and know what it looks like can't wait.

There's a lot more that I want to discuss like me being back in school, working for the BLM this summer, tutoring, political rants, our cat Cleocatra, my attempt at writing a book, etc., but I think these should be topics for future postings. Also, this posting is already starting to get pretty long, and I'm getting bored, and you're probably getting bored-er, so I think I'll wrap it up for now. But if you have suggestions for future postings or just want to say hi, please leave a comment!

Until next time!