Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mmm, Cereal

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, I've been on the hunt for a career-type job that will pay enough that Cathy and I might be able to buy a house at some point. Or one that if Cathy decides she hates her job and needs to quit and try her hand at palmistry or whatever, we won't starve in the meantime. Of course, I currently have a part-time tutoring gig, which I enjoy very much, but the pay is pretty sucktastic. If money was not an issue, I'd be content to just tutor from now until I'm too old to do so, but alas, we live in a capitalistic rat race, so money is an issue. So as a result, I've added "looking for a real job" to my daily routine.

If there's one silver lining about looking for a job in this turd of an economy, it's that it doesn't take a lot of time. There is hardly anything out there right now.

When I'm searching, I often get sidetracked and look at help-wanted postings that I have absolutely no interest in doing, if only out of pure curiosity. That was the case with this little gem, that I found on craigslist tonight. I'm not sure if the typos are accidental or planned, but I'm leaning toward the latter (as a writing and grammar tutor, I sure hope so):
Audition: Casting actors for eipisodic thriller (Eugene)
Reply to:
Date: 2009-02-05, 7:01PM PST

We are in need of 5 passionate Actors. Three men and two women.

2 Women: Must look between 25-30 yrs. old. Out-doorsy, athletic/active appearance. Both must strong versatile actors.

2 Men: 30-50 one's a detective, one's an attorney. Typical appearance befitting the role. Must be able to create multi-layered deep characters.

1 Man: 25-40 Mysterious cereal killer. Imposing and physically aggressive.

We are a creative troupe of perspiring filmmakers. Our latest project is an episodic psycho-thriller. Auditions will be in two weeks. Filming will begin in late March. Please send acting resume/experience and a headshot(if you have one)
You will be emailed character descriptions and sides when we receive your email. We have many projects coming in the future so those who audition and are not cast in this project may be used in other projects. Contact Byron via email.
I would really love to see a film made by "perspiring filmmakers" about "cereal" killers. I hope they do well.


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