Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Lower...

Hello everyone!

It's gotten nasty. I'm talking downright, pathetically, disgustingly nasty. The bigots and racists are out in full force, and they're louder and more desperate than ever. Take a look:

In response to Obama's name being mentioned, people in the audience of McCain and Palin speeches have been yelling classy phrases such as "Terrorist!" "Treason!" and "Kill him!" One guy brought a stuffed monkey with an Obama sticker that he called "Little Hussein" to a McCain/Palin rally. He must be proud.

Well, now it appears that McCain/Palin are so desperate that they're going for the hate vote, or at least not doing much to reject it. The one time McCain tried, his own crowd booed him.

This kind of crap inevitably ends in violence. We certainly have a history of it, particularly against people who were in favor of minority rights or at least perceived to be (JFK, RFK, MLK, etc.) It's not difficult to imagine some nutcase being convinced that Obama is going to take away his gun and then turn this country into a jihadist, Muslim paradise where people of color enslave white people. It's also not difficult to imagine this same guy being convinced that he needs to do something about it. Maybe Mr. North Vietnamese Prison and Ms. Hunting Wolves from Helicopters think that's the only way they can win, which is why they keep saying Obama "pals around with terrorists."

I fucking hate people.


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