Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rob Watches Cable TV News!

Hello everyone!

Well, on a whim I decided to tune in to MSNBC tonight and watch The Rachel Maddow Show, mainly because I was tired of reading for school (which by the way started up again yesterday), but also because I was tired of surfing online. I usually avoid watching TV except for a few shows and lately the occasional debate, such as this Thursday's VP debate (which I'm very much looking forward to for the same reasons a person slows down to catch a look at a car accident while driving past). But I thought I'd give the old small screen another shot since we're actually paying for the damned cable TV, and after skipping the 70 or so other channels that had crap on, I settled on Maddow's new show, which immediately followed Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

I've got to admit, I've never been a huge fan of Olbermann. I think when he's trying to be funny, his delivery stinks--to the point that he often comes across as a piss-poor Jon Stewart wannabe. And when he's trying to be serious, well, he just comes across as some sports reporter (which he is) who takes himself way too seriously and thinks he's the next Ed Murrow. But I can put up with him occasionally when nothing else is on. A couple months ago, I did catch part of a broadcast in which Rachel Maddow was subbing for him, and it was immensely better.

Back when Eugene used to have an Air America affiliate, they would play the Young Turks show instead of Maddow's morning show (but they would play it tape delayed from 9 pm to midnight--some local host came on in the morning I think; who knows--I wasn't even awake). But I would also occasionally go to the Air America website, and they would list The Rachel Maddow Show in the morning slot on the national feed. So other than the mention of her being an Air America host (after catching the atrocious Lionel Show online and AA's firing of Mike Malloy--the best host they had IMO--her being an Air America host left a bit to be desired in my mind) as well as her occasionally filling in for Olbermann, I didn't know much about her.

But after tonight, Maddow won some serious points with me. Seriously, it was like she formatted her program based on previous knowledge that I would be watching:

On a (relatively) mainstream cable TV news network, I had the pleasure of watching an openly lesbian host interview my hero and first pick of the 2008 Presidential candidates, Dennis Kucinich, and I got to see and hear the two of them frequently mention my local representative, Congressman Peter DeFazio (although apparently those who know him in DC call him "Pete"). Regardless, I admittedly didn't understand half of what Kucinich said in the interview, but if he's saying it, that's good enough for me, by gum! And if this show is any indication, it's a winner! At least until it jumps the shark, but that's another story.

DeFazio has been all over the news lately, such as this photo (he's the bald guy right out in front, not the creepy guy trying to cop a feel from the Hawaiian lady):

These are strange times, indeed! What's next, a retrospective miniseries on ABC about Sacco and Vanzetti?


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