Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hey Baby, Ever Been "Skedded"?

I just finished reading this story:

Cheney's plane safely lands in Singapore: embassy
6 minutes ago

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The plane carrying Vice President Dick Cheney from Australia to the United States landed safely in Singapore on Sunday, after encountering a mechanical problem, a United States embassy spokeswoman said.

"It's landed," the spokeswoman said, speaking from Singapore's Paya Lebar air base, a military airport in the eastern part of the island. "The vice president is skedded to remain on the plane. He is skedded to leave as soon as the refueling is completed."

What the hell is "skedded"? Is that some new sexual slang the kids are talking about these days?

Sheesh, I thought the list of mispronounced words in my last posting were bad, but suddenly they seem normal. I wonder, though, if this spokeswoman actually said "skedded" and some smart ass reporter decided to leave it that way, or if the reporter doesn't know how to spell "scheduled". I'm thinking 50/50 odds.

Well folks, I think I'll sked on out of here. I've got some skedding to do.



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