Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm Rich! I'm Rich! Yay! (Part 2)

Hello everybody!

For those of you who missed part one, here it is.

I replied to the email. I found it interesting that the "contact" email was slightly different than the address the original email was sent from. Anyway, here's what I wrote:

Dear Mr. Cole,

Thank you for your email. I was excited to read what you had written, except for the part about my great-uncle Richard Burson Dow being killed. I thought seven years was quite a long time to be on vacation visiting the pyramids, even though they are really big.

Regardless, I'm pleased to accept my $28.5 million dollars. I would like it sent to me in cash, preferably in bills because I would imagine $28.5 million dollars in quarters would be quite heavy. And even though nickels are lighter, $28.5 million dollars in nickels would probably be heavier than $28.5 million dollars in quarters because there would be five times more of them.

I've already began thinking about what I'm going to do with that money. The cup holder on my car sticks, so the first thing I'd do is get that fixed. Also, I could use some new shoelaces. I might even start buying the Philadelphia cream cheese instead of the store brand.

When you send me the money, send it to:

R. Dow
Lane Community College
4000 E. 30th Ave.
Eugene, OR, USA 97405

I eagerly await your response.

Best regards,
R. Dow
There ya go. If and when I hear anything back, I'll let y'all know.



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