Saturday, January 24, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Hello everyone!

Apparently, a passing mention of a three day weekend turned into a seven day weekend, or at least a seven day break from posting here on my blog. I know I said I was going to try to post everyday, and I've kinda half-assed tried to do so, but lately I've been having mixed feelings about the whole thing. I mean, what is the point of posting something if it's crap? Just so I can say I posted something every day? On the other hand, one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place is to keep me motivated to write something, anything, warts and all, so maybe that's the point. On the other, other hand, another reason I blog because I enjoy doing so. But sometimes when I force myself to blog every day, it feels more like work than fun, and more like another obligation than a hobby I enjoy.

Also, the Daily Win and FAIL format has been a lot of fun, but sometimes I feel pressed to come up with something, usually on the FAIL end of things, just so I can have something to write about. Then I end up complaining about something that really isn't much of a big deal, and I feel like too much of a complainer. Then again, I'm currently complaining about complaining, so there you go.

This is my dilemma. Should I post every day, regardless of whether or not I have something interesting to say? Or should I only post only when the mood strikes me, when I have the time and desire to put in an appropriate level of effort into it? Which is better, quantity or quality? Readers?

Lately, the idea of posting only if I really, really have something to say seems to be winning out, hence this past week of silence. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I have naturally lazy tendencies, either. I guess I'm learning what being a professional writer is like (except I'm not getting paid for this), so in that sense: Mission Accomplished!

I guess I'm just trying to justify my lazy tendencies since I no longer have school to blame for my not posting. Fortunately, I've found the perfect excuse for my absence, as well as anything else I need a scapegoat for, "Teh GAYZ!":


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should post every day, even it's just a little bit, and even if it is crap. That way, as you go on, it will hopefully become less like work, and more like routine. As it becomes more like routine, you will grow more mad skills. As you grow more mad skills, all of your writing will get better, even the crap. Pretty soon, we won't be able to tell the difference.
Just think about it, if you post just a little bit on your blog every day, your poop won't stink.

6:44 PM, January 24, 2009  
Blogger Rob said...

Hello Anon!

Thanks for the "pep talk." I'll take your words under advisement. But if I do decide to try to post everyday, I'll still allow myself to take the occasional day off. After all, even God took the seventh day off if you believe Genesis (the bible book, not the craptastic Phil Collins band). So I figure if someone who can do anything is allowed to take a day off, someone as completely non-omnipotent as I am can, too. Besides, I bet my wife would appreciate it. You wouldn't want to disappoint Cathy, would you?

By the way, Anon, I don't feel very comfortable with you anonymously talking about my "poop." That's not to say that I'd feel any better if you revealed yourself, either. Just leave the fecal conversations to experts such as me, okay?


1:23 AM, January 25, 2009  

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