Monday, January 12, 2009

DW&F: One Week and The Last Press Conference

Hello everyone!

I'm tired and grumpy, so let's get right to it:

Daily Win and FAIL!

Win: One week

That's right. There's only one more week left of the disastrous Bush regime. One week. It's a sort of light at the end of the tunnel thing...

Something tells me this week is going to seem like several months.

Nevertheless, while I know the next four years will be light years ahead of the last eight in terms of leadership, I do realize that there's really nowhere to go but up. Whether or not Obama does a good job remains to be seen, but, while he certainly is a skilled politician, I don't think even he can do worse than Bush even if he tried. The scary thing is I don't think Bush was trying to suck so badly.

Of course, anything can happen in one week, particularly with this idiot and his cabinet. So we're not in the clear just yet. Still, the end is nigh! Win!

FAIL: The Press Conference

Just go here. If you want to see clips, just Google it. I'm too tired and exasperated to seek it out for you.

Where to begin? 9/11. According to Bush, it didn't matter what he did, the pundits would've been critical. So he decided to bomb the wrong country and leave one hundred thousand to one million or more dead. Gee, for some reason I think the press would've been less critical if he hadn't done that.

Then there's Katrina, which left almost 2,000 people are dead and over $80 million in damages, not to mention a major city was almost completely destroyed. Heck of a job, Brownie, right? But Bush decides to talk about how he was criticized for flying over the city and not landing, and how if he would've landed, it would've diverted crucial resources. Now, I've had many beers since 2006, but as I recall, the problem wasn't so much that Bush flew over New Orleans, but that people were dying while Bush celebrated John McCain's birthday and acted like a fool with a guitar. But what do I know?

And of course, there's the whole economy in the crapper problem. This one is a bit personal to me since I'm looking for a job and hardly anyone is hiring. According to Bush, this whole thing isn't his fault because there was a recession when he came into office and there is a recession now. Today, I heard that we're on track to have the longest recession since World War 2. I know Bush has been around for a while, but I didn't realize he was elected during World War 2. I guess time flies when you're out of work!

Besides these three issues, Bush's press conference was essentially about how he's the greatest president since Lincoln and that we're so fortunate that he's been our president because things are so much better now than they were eight years ago. Unfortunately for Bush, he is the only one left so delusional to believe that, including his staff.

But hey, it can't be that bad for him. I doubt the Democrats will have the spine to prosecute him, as well as Cheney, Gonzales, etc. for their war crimes. So the lesson here is that you shouldn't break the law unless you are the president or have political connections (but don't have sex with an intern). And that's a shitty lesson for the president to be teaching. FAIL!

In fact, everything about this administration has been a FAIL!


Goodbye and good riddance!


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Blogger Jessica said...

My new administration resolution is to read your blog constantly. Everyone reads blogs so why shouldn't I?

Anyway - I'm looking forward to your comments on the inauguration - and to that point - happy inauguration to you, Cathy, and Cleocatra.

6:45 AM, January 20, 2009  

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