Monday, May 12, 2008

Return of the Hope Guy

Hello everyone!

Barack Obama came back to Eugene last Friday. He did an outdoor gig at UO. Before they started letting people into the gated off speech area, I spent my time talking to people in line about Steve Novick while my friend Kate held a spot for me.

Eventually, they started letting people inside and we found a great spot off to the side on a little hill where we could see the stage just fine.

The problem with having a good spot, however, is that everyone else thinks it's a good spot.

It still wasn't that bad, though. When the picture taking, hat-wearing ponytail lady didn't have her hands in the air, I could see just fine between her and leather jacket dude. That is, until hat guy moved in.

What is it with people wearing hats? They always want to stand right in front of me--the bigger the hat, the more in my way they like to be.

But even hat guy ain't got nothin' compared to hoodie-boy and Ohio Buckeye head who decided at the last minute to squeeze between hat-wearing ponytail lady and leather jacket dude and me.

Incidentally, there was no room between hat-wearing ponytail lady and leather jacket dude and me to fit any more people. But that didn't stop them from trying.

Eventually, it got dark and some of the people in front of me either left or found another short person to stand in front of. But then it was dark, so I still couldn't see much. Anyhow, there's Obama:

I'm sure nobody tuned in to look at the back of people's heads, so here's a video clip of the speech. And if you look closely at about 0:58 remaining, you might see my friend Silver in the crowd. He's the one wearing a UO cap.

Well, that's about it. He came, he said some inspirational stuff, and then he left. If he comes to your town, do yourself a favor. Go hear him speak. He's definitely worth having one of your friends wait in line for three hours so you can get in.

I'm going to be busy up through the May 20 primaries, and then I'll have 3 papers due the Tuesday after Memorial Day. So I might not be blogging very much for the next couple of weeks. But that's a good thing, though. You should go outside and enjoy the nice weather we're supposed to be having. I'll be back soon enough, and I'm planning a posting about men with large trucks and small penises.

Until then, don't forget to vote for Steve!


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