Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Fox is Wrong!

Hello everyone!

It's time to play your favorite game, The Fox is Wrong!

It's not that I'm surprised that TV news talking heads are full of bullshit. What surprises me is how full of bullshit they are. How do they cram so much utter bullshit into one business suit and then coat it with hairspray and makeup before it's time to go on the air? Do the talking heads gobble the bullshit, or do the news execs cram it down their throats? Wonders never cease.

Whichever the case, there's no bullshit shortage, and so they can spew it all over the place once they go on TV. Which is why I don't watch them. It's too bad there are those who do and actually think they're informed.

Even worse are the fanatics. These people remind me of the hanger-ons who would follow around the high school bully, laugh at every stupid thing he said, and pretend to like him so he wouldn't pick on them. They think politics and public policy is a sport, and they think the loud, ex-football player has a better shot at winning against those smart types.

Speaking of smart types, have you seen Steve Novick's new ad? Well, here it is:

Here are his others if you haven't seen them:

If you live in Oregon, you have until April 29 to register as a Democrat to vote for Steve!


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