Monday, November 19, 2007

Here's a Little Known Fact...

Hello everyone!

While doing research for my paper from hell for my class from hell, I came across this photo of noted Hitler appeaser Neville Chamberlain:

Incidentally, I think the guy got a bad rap, and that's part of what my paper is about. Anyway, whenever I'd go back and see the photo, there was something familiar looking about him, but I couldn't quite place it. Then all of a sudden, I figured it out! He must be the long-lost father of noted mailman Clifford C. Clavin:

What do you have to say about that, Cliff?
Cliff: Incidentally, it's a little known fact that the tie was invented in ancient times to be used as a bib, you know, to wipe your chin. Speaking of milk, here's a little known fact: the cow was domesticated by the Mesopotamians. Yeah, that's right, in fact it wasn't originally a milk-bearing animal. Oh no, it was originally used as a guard animal for the Chinese Emperors during the Chung King dynasty.
Thank you, Cliff, for interrupting my tedious research of useless information with some truly useful info.


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