Tuesday, January 06, 2009

DW&F: New Bed and Dust

Hello everyone!

I'm in a hurry to go to bed soon tonight, so let's not waste any time!

Daily Win and FAIL!

Win: The new bed arrived!

Well, the new bed arrived right on schedule, today. I lay down on it earlier with the cat, who was quite confused this afternoon before the delivery people arrived when she walked into the bedroom and saw there was no bed for her to lie on. But in less than a minute of lying down on it, I was ready to fall asleep and had to get back up. So I'm likely going to have a great sleep tonight for the first time in a long time, but there's the possibility that I might be extremely disappointed tomorrow. On the plus side, this means either my Win! or FAIL! for tomorrow is pretty much predetermined. There's the possibility that my sleep could just be mediocre, but I'm not losing any sleep worrying about that. See what I did there?

The best part, as I mentioned before, is that we've upgraded to a king! And the bed doesn't take up the entire bedroom, like I was worried it would do. Win!

FAIL: The monster under the bed

Before our new bed arrived, I had to move the old one and make room. This is what I found. No, that's not a dead beaver, but just a bunch of dust. Actually, the photo really doesn't make it clear how much is there. Just imagine a lot of dust. As Cathy said, that's not a dust bunny, it's a dust lion!

The weird thing is that I actually clean under the bed! Apparently I missed a spot!

And no, I didn't put that book there--it was already there, and how it got there is a bit of a mystery. I almost didn't see it under the pounds and pounds of dust balls. I should've saved all the dust so that someone who's really into recycling could've used it to insulate a house.

I suppose it could've been much worse. But when I removed the box spring, I swear I heard the vacuum cleaner gulp. FAIL!

sleep fail

Well, that's all folks! Good night and sleep well!


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