Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DW&F: New CDs and It's Cold!

Hello everyone!

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed yesterday's episode of Daily Win and FAIL, particularly since I have a new one planned for today. Let's get right to it!

Rob Dow's World presents:

Daily Win and FAIL!

Win: New CDs!

Today I picked up two new (for me) CDs: "La Cucaracha" by Ween and the all-instrumental "The Mix-Up" by Beastie Boys. I just finished listening to the Ween album, and I have to say it's really strange, even by Ween standards. But like mildew or athlete's foot, I think it will grow on me. I'm listening to "The Mix-Up" as I type this, and so far it also sounds extremely promising. I've been burned out lately by the same old albums in my music collection, so it was time to get something new. Win!

FAIL: It's freakin' cold!

Right now, it's 15 degrees. That's way too cold for Eugene, Oregon. And it's supposed to last for the rest of the week, and then we're going to be heading to North Idaho to freeze some more! There's a reason I left in the first place! Actually, it wasn't necessarily to leave the cold, but once I was away from it, I realized that I didn't miss it at all. I've also become acclimated to cold but unfrozen winters since I've been here. Whatever happened to our usual monsoon season that we're supposed to be "enjoying" during December?

And yes, I'm aware that I complained about the snow yesterday, but cold is completely different. Besides, it's so cold that all I can think about is how cold it is. FAIL!

fail owned pwned pictures
Well, that wraps up another episode of Daily Win and FAIL! Until next time!




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