Thursday, December 18, 2008

DW&F: Chris Matthews(!) and Water Wow

Hello everyone!

Gee, these Daily Win and FAIL submissions are more difficult than I thought they'd be. But I'm not giving up or anything. However, I'm really having a tough time finding "Win" photos, so I might have to do away with them. "FAIL" photos are everywhere, though, but that's good since they're so much fun. Let's get started!

Daily Win and FAIL!

Win: Er, Chris Matthews?!

Wow. It's nice to see some actual common sense on TV, particularly since there's been such a dearth of it on the news networks. Of course, we could've used this type of "hard-hitting," call-them-on-their-crap reporting in, say, the lead up to the Iraq invasion (and the Afghanistan invasion, as well). But hey, better late than never, I guess. Win!

FAIL: "Water Wow"

For those of you who don't know what this is and can't click on the link, the makers claim it's "A Mess-Free Art Kit for Kids." Here's how it works: Your kid starts with a white "drawing board" with a black outline of a picture, which looks much like a page in a coloring book. Then your kid puts water in one of the specially-designed pens. Finally, Junior "draws" on the boards with water, and color "magically" appears.

The website calls this "Mess-Free Creativity." How the hell is this "creativity"? How is this fun? The kid doesn't get to decide how to color the picture--all the brat gets to do is apply water to a board! Apparently the little derelict is going to develop valuable skills that can be used when he or she becomes a professional window-washer, so why not go the Full Monty and get the little hooligan a squeegee while you're at it?

This is what happens when toys are marketed to parents. Worse yet, this one is marketed to bad parents. On one hand you have the parents who are too worried about their little hell-raiser getting crayon all over the house (because what would the neighbors think?), yet are too lazy to teach their budding sociopath not go coloring the walls or the dog. Then there are the overbearing, perfectionist parents who simply can't handle it when their little hoodlum scribbles outside the lines or colors a person's face Orchid instead of Maize. With Water Wow they don't have to have painful yet colorful reminders of what a failure their delinquent is hanging on the fridge because everything is colored exactly the way the toy designers designed it to be.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that my parents weren't like this, or else I would've turned out even more messed up than I am. Also, thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that we don't have any hellions running around, or we might be tempted to buy the little mischief-makers a Water Wow.

Water Wow? More like Water FAIL!

fail owned pwned pictures
And one more since there was no win photo:

fail owned pwned pictures

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