Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hello everyone!

Have you ever gone to one of your favorite websites and seen those banner ads with some bogus quiz? They usually say something like, "WHO IS THIS CELEBRITY?" They'll have a high school yearbook photo of, say, Brad Pitt, and you can select from:

A) Pauly Shore
B) Ben Stein
C) Dave Chappelle
D) Brad Pitt
E) Cher

If you answer correctly, you can supposedly win an iPod or a Playstation 6 or whatever the latest trendy gadget is.

Or sometimes there will be a "survey" question such as, "Is President Bush doing a good job? Answer and win a FREE 96-INCH PLASMA SCREEN TV!!!!!" And then you have the option of clicking "YES" or "NO," but really whichever you click takes you to some unrelated website. Have you ever seen these? THEN CLICK YES OR NO TO RECEIVE A FREE $50,000 JACK IN THE BOX GIFT CARD!!! Or not.

I'm waiting for the one that gives me the option of clicking: "WHAT AN IDIOTIC QUESTION. JUST WHO IN THE HELL IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE?"

Then, and only then, will I click on your stupid ad.


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