Monday, March 17, 2008


Hello everyone!

Finals have been kicking my butt this time around. Fortunately, there have been a lot of good comics out there to entertain me for a few seconds per day. Here are some of the ones I've enjoyed lately. Some of them are difficult to read, but just click on them for a larger view. Enjoy!

Here is a daily comic by John McPherson called Close to Home. This particular one reminds me of an Onion article:

Here's a local comic by A. Miel (who knows what the "A" stands for) called Tales from America. Yes, Oregon has talented people, not just a bunch of microbrew and coffee drinkers. However, this particular comic was guest drawn by Geraldine Ferraro:

Here's more election fun by Ruben Bolling at Tom the Dancing Bug. Tom the Dancing Bug is basically a different type of comic strip each week, not just a different episode of the same one. This week it's the Super Friends (I'm too young to remember The Mod Squad) meet the presidential candidates:

Here's a Ted Rall comic. He's so cool that he doesn't need to give a name to his comic strip--it's just one of Ted Rall's three weekly comics! That's all you need to know:

And finally, here's a fantastic comic by Leigh Rubin called Rubes. It's funny because it's true:

You know, I liked these much more before I had to explain them. Hopefully, I didn't ruin them for you.


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