Friday, February 29, 2008

You Got F'd in the A!

Hello everyone!

Oh, it's on!

Hill-Dawg: Yo, let's tear this hizz-ouse down! Drop it like it's hot:

Hill-Dawg: You just got served!

B-Bama: What-evah! I'll do what I want:

Hill-Dawg: Oh no you di-int! You trippin'!

B-Bama: Sit yo' ass down. You just mad 'cause you
got yo' ass whooped tonight.

Dee-Dodd: Yo Hill-Dawg, you just got f'd in the a, be-yotch!!

B-Bama: Yo, Dee-Dodd, I don't roll like that.

Dee-Dodd: Sorry dawg, but you do, man. You did with Dawn, you did it with Shondrella, and you did it with the triplets LaTeesha, LaTasha, LaToya...

Rally Nizzader: These two crews right here is what I call bad. I'm talking bad as in utter bad, yo. As in not good. What I mean is the liberal intelligentsia has allowed its party to become a captive of corporate interests. Peace out, yo.

Oh no you di-int!

Rob "I've Got Something in My Front Pocket For You" D-to-the-O-to-the-Dubya

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