Thursday, April 05, 2007

Apparently Kucinich tied, er, inched out Nader to win the Presidency in '04

Hello everyone!

This is just sad. Here's yet another reason we need to invest more in education. Apparently being at a second grade level in math makes a person qualified to work for your local Fox News station:

First off, they seem to think that 33% and 12% mean the same thing: "It was a tie first..." and then the guy "corrects" her by saying "Spears inched out Hilton" even though she over two and a half times the votes. O.J. Simpson had more votes than Hilton, but I guess he doesn't count because wasn't near the top of their graphic. Oh, and Mel Gibson was "high on the list" with 1%.

Still, somehow 33% and 12% are higher than 40%. I guess if you add them together, they make 45%.

But the best part is the few seconds of awkward silence when they finally realize how what they were saying has nothing to do with what's on the screen. Then they try to cover: "...who was the foolish [¿qué?] this year..." and "Well you can still vote if you want".

Good, because my vote is for whoever decided to let a pack of wild baboons run that Fox News program. That person is definitely the most foolish American.

Second place goes to the person who responded to the question, "Why is Britney Spears the most foolish?" with: "I don't know... She's been in the news a lot."



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